About us

Who are Responsive?

Who are Responsive?

Responsive Ltd is an innovative inspection, testing and training company.

Responsive Mechanical Testing is a subsidiary of Responsive Ltd, sharing the same values and ethos with an emphasis on integrity.

Destructive or mechanical testing allows engineers and others to evaluate the limits of a given material, joint or component. At Responsive Mechanical Testing, we take an item and pull it apart, meticulously recording all parameters in doing so. This process, known as destructive testing, will allow engineers to understand whether a material or process or weld or joint meets their minimum requirements.

It’s all about ensuring integrity throughout.

 Why Choose Responsive?

Our customers across many sectors of industry know that there are lots of reasons to work with Responsive on your material, mechanical and destructive testing.

  • We have a custom facility with internal capacity for all forms of testing and resource.
  • We operate Charpy V notch and Tensile Testing Machines
  • Responsive offers in-house machining of test samples
  • Our team has a hands on approach to testing requirements and R&D
  • We have an in house welding capability for custom rigs or welder testing
  • Responsive can provide instant electronic reports and same day results
  • We’re associate members of SAFed, which represents the UK’s independent engineering inspection and certification industry.

At responsive Mechanical Testing, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Call in to see us or call us on 01946 372220.

What is Destructive Testing?

Destructive or mechanical testing is a fascinating area of engineering. Within this world, one of the recognised leaders is The Welding Institute and it’s great at explaining what it’s all about.

Watch this YouTube video for an insight into the world of mechanical testing.

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