Welder Qualifications & Training

Welder Qualifications and Testing

Welder training can be carried out both in house at your works or in Responsive dedicated welder training and qualification facility at Lillyhall Cumbria.

Responsive can coordinate the whole process and turnaround welder qualifications (codings) within the same day of testing.

Most of Responsives technicians are ex-welders of many years experience in within a vast range of industries including ship building at BAE Systems and nuclear at Sellafield.

We can undertake codings for your welders or run procedure qualifications. We arrange for the test pieces, provide consumables and equipment and carry out all subsequent testing of the plate / pipe to many standards such as ASME, BS EN ISO 287 and ISO 9606.

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Other Services

Positive Material Identification

Using x-ray fluorescence we can evaluate the chemical composition of a material. This is excellent for onsite testing when a materials history is unknown.

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Innovation & Non Destructive Testing

Inspection and testing doesn't always have an easy solution, an off the shelf technology sometimes does not exist. Responsive can design, manufacture and prove concept.

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Material Acceptability

Cross contamination can cause issues once items are installed in hazardous / corrosive conditions. Responsive can prove free irons, coppers etc have not came into contact with stainless steel.

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